Soil slope protection plate gxp direct loading dub 30/32T protection tooth plate

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 Bike Type  Electric Bike, Mountain Bike, BMX Bike
 Model  94BCD/104BCD
 Colour  Black/Silver
 Material  AL7075-T651 
 Made with  CNC milling
 Compatible cranksets  SRAM direct mount
 Weight   138g
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    • This guard plate is a combined type, which can ensure sufficient thickness of the gear plate. The carefully designed teeth of the gear plate are higher, wider, removable and more durable. Suitable for SARMGXP/DUB/BB30 direct mounting cranks, the total price of chainring is more suitable.
    • Made of AL7075-T6 aluminum alloy CNC. The total thickness of the guard plate reaches 14mm (conventional only 12mm or thinner). The thickness of the guard plate is 6mm, which is stronger. 3D pattern, fashionable and novel hollow shape design, more beautiful.
    • The distance between the protective plate and the gear plate is also sufficient. The single-speed chain suitable for street cars has a gap of more than 1mm between the inner side of the single-speed chain and the inner side of the protective plate. Therefore, ensure that the chain will not be caused by friction with the protective plate during violent jumping noise.
    • Approximately 6mm from the periphery of the chain to the periphery of the guard plate. Effectively protect the chain when hitting hard objects.
    • Applicable models:Trials Bike/Czar bike/Street Trials Bike/DJ/Street Bike/SS / DJ /STREET/Street Trials Bicycle 26 Inch/ Electric Trials Bikes/ Jump Bike /Freestyle Bike / Disc Brakes / many more

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    How to calculate gear inches for an oval chainrings

    Exactly same way as for round chainring. You just need to use the nominal size in the calculation of an oval ring you have. That is, if you buy 32T oval you use for calculation 32T size. Reason for this is 32T oval chainring has same circumference as the 32T round. We optimize the shape but not circumference - it stays constant. Distance between each teeth always has to remain at 12.7mm to engage the chain properly. You can use any online calculator to get gear inches for an oval chainring.

    Which size of an oval should I choose

    We always recommend swapping like for like, so if you have a 32T round ring at the moment, you should consider getting a 32T oval. The same applies to our shiftable road ovals, we recommend that you purchase ovals with the same teeth count as your round rings.

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