1.lengthened Design

Our tooth height achieved 8.5 mm tooth tip out of the chain a lot in your crazy jump the chain jumped violently it is difficult to get out of the tooth tip so that the chain is not really broken

2.ANODE Surface

7075 aluminium alloy is more difficult to anodize the aluminum, so we through many product proofing final choice of taiwan-funded factories to ensure that the tooth plate anodizing effect! Focus on the product

3.Hollowed Chamfer

We used a lot of hollow out design to make the plate claw more beautiful and full of threedimensional sense of the plate claw edges and cornershave done chamfering treatment

4.Sinker design

Precision positioning increases the contact area with the gear plate installation effect is more simple and effective to reduce abnormal sound

5.Cross structure

The intersecting hollow-out forms a multi-directional triangle structure, which reduces the weight of the product and ensures the strength of the gear plate

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